Nice game

User Rating: 6 | Hocus Pocus PC

As a 2-D platformer from the 90's, you don't expect much, and the controls are very simple: walk, jump, and shoot. Where the game gets good is the level design. Unlike other platformers of the time, you are highly encouraged to explore. The levels do not a have a goal on the right side of the level; they have several crystals which you must find and collect, forcing you to explore a large and beautifully couloured level. The colour pallette and art style change every 2 levels, meaning the game always feels fresh. The music is midi, but it is very well designed for midi and fits the levels well. Also, with all of the mandatory exploring, there are also tons of secrets and deviously hidden treasures. The game has three difficulties, and it is enough for a young child to enjoy and hard mode is hard enough to challenge a grown gamer. Overall, explorative level design, brilliant art design and music, and a charming simplicity to the controls make for an amazing platformer.