Hoard is a highly addictive game where you are the dragon burning down villages, collecting gold, and much more!

User Rating: 8.5 | Hoard PS3
Ever since I bought Hoard for the PS3, I have been playing it for long periods of time. Like 2 hours at a time because of how addictive it is. You are a dragon that has to collect gold by burning down villages, and capturing princesses. I love how there are power-ups so you can become more fierce and I like how you can choose when to use the power-up. It doesn't start when you first get it because you have to press a button first. The maps are varied and have great detail and burning your opponents dragon so that they have to go back to their base is so fun! Online play is so awesome in Hoard. There are so many maps to choose from and I have never got bored from it. Back to single player, I love defeating the huge giant because you get so much money from him that you have to take 3 to 4 trips just to get all of the gold. I love how you can also steal gold from the other dragon when they burn a building/person down and you just fly and steel it away from them! Overall, Hoard is an addictive game that you will be sucked into for hours and hours on end!