Be the dragon and amass as much gold as possible through pillaging and burning.

User Rating: 7 | Hoard PS3
Gameplay 7- The controls are simple: left stick to fly around, right stick to burn things, and other buttons are mapped well. What each does is explained in a simple tutorial. The game itself is fun, and has a great multiplayer. You fly around, burning things to collect its gold value, and take it back to your hoard to deposit it. You can make towns your 'ally' by destorying buildings other than the town center. Once you have achieved this, the town will send you regular gold tributes which helps your final score.

Towns also have minor defenses in the form of archers and knights. Their attacks are easy to avoid with enough quickness. If your dragon does get to zero life, it will automatically go back to your lair to heal, dropping any gold you were carrying.

With enough gold, dragon upgrades are available, and reset down to the minimum after each level, while this seems a strange decision, it adds to the strategy. Also in multiplayer matches everyone starts at the same strength. Medals are awarded at the end of the game depending on how much gold you have collected, and give the player something to shoot for if they like to have gold medals on every stage.

Graphics 8- Simple yet colorful isometric view of basic landscapes. It looks great on an HDTV, and even with a lot moving around the framerate stays steady. The one problem I see from this is that the text could be quite hard to read on a regular TV because of how small it is.

Sound 7- Gentle arcade tunes play in the background as you do what dragons do best. Effects are basic, they arent spectacular, but they fit the game.

Fun Factor 8- Hoard is the style of game that can be more fun when enjoyed with others. Alone it is fun, but since you are always doing the same thing and due to how simple and basic it is, might not be a game that can be played for too long in one sitting.

Replay Value 7- After a while there wont seem like much to do, unless shooting for gold medals on every level is your thing. Overall, Hoard is a simple, yet fun pick up and play game that anyone could enjoy.

Final Score - 7.4 (37/50)