Worth your $5. Credit Where Credit Is Do.

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I've griped quite a bit over the last few years over this industry's head-up-assery, what with on-disc DLC, nickel n' dime micro-transactions and lame pre order bonuses. This game wasn't even on my radar, but because the price for a such a meaty little sampling was so low (nothing, actually) and because sniping is one the gaming food groups, I plunked down my fiver and didn't think twice. It is well built, very creative in how it allows me to play, is full of easter egg-like discoveries and contains more than a hint a humor. I've spent less time on entire campaigns. No lie. I might just buy the game as a result of this, but if I change my mind, I'll do what I've done in the past and shift my pre order money to something else. Seeing as how I'm a "pay the artist" kind of guy and want to reward developers & companies who display creativity and value when promoting their products, I would probably only beg off if the buzz for this game turns drastically negative. I'm very impressed with this decision and method to promote a game, so after all my constant b*tching about this or that going wrong within the industry, I'll say kudos and congrats to Square Enix and IO. You got this one right. Now grab EA and Activision by the scruff of their necks and rub their noses in the proper way to treat the consumer, so we might see more of this sort of thing, industry-wide, going into the future.