Game is good but it doesn't bring many new things to series.

User Rating: 7.5 | Hitman: Contracts PC

In Hitman: Contracts you play as Agent 47 worlds best assassin working for a contracts agency that goes by the name International Contracts Agency. In this part 47 will have a near death experience. After getting shot in his guts by a Paris police detective 47 crumbles to his hotel room where he collapses and starts having flashbacks of his previous assignments.

Most of these missions are new so they wont bore you. However since this is a remake there will be missions that we already saw in first installment of the series. Luckily there are details that change this missions so they don't feel same.

Game has three difficulties and those are: Normal, Expert and Professional. The problem is that game can be relatively passed for a short time if one chooses to play guns and blazing throughout the levels on normal where 47 has a lot of health and map that shows locations of all npcs in real time. For most the right experience will be on expert where less information is shown on map. Professional only shows targets for the mission on the map and if one would go Rambo he will very soon be dead as 47 can only withstand 4 to 5 bullets on this difficulty. Plus no saves are available on this difficulty( not even bonus ones). Passing missions on pro without careful observation and stealth will be very hard that is if one doesn't consult a textual or video walkthrough. This is however not recommended as you will spoil the experience for yourself.

Even through number of new gameplay additions isn't big they are very welcome. Some new methods of killing your enemies that are usually specific to one level are great. For instance you can use a pillow to suffocate inhabitants of a manor in one of the missions. I wont go any further with the examples so i don't spoil it for you. Map has been re-hauled so its much more useful.

Graphics of the game have only endured small changes over previous game. However every with the expection of one of the missions are happening at night. Game is much darker than previous ones which will be evident in soundtrack that is much more darker now but great as always.

This game even through it doesn't come with many improvements should still be on your list of games to play.