probablly the best one in the series...

User Rating: 9.4 | Hitman: Contracts PS2
Its been a while since i started playing it ...and one thing that i can surly say thats its the best in the series so far.. right from the begginig you got to use your brain and to think your way ,stealthy and leathally..its not a n easy game, and its a bit challenging to tell you the truth..there just too many ways to compplete the mission, so i suggest after you finish it , to play another time from scratch, but with another plans and ways to complete your mission, you'll be surprised!!..
the graphics are ,like the former ones in the series, great and just good enough to give you the right satrisfaction needed to finish the game and not get bored, or eyes hurting..
soundtracks are suitable for the gameplay, when theres ation , you got action music, and when stealthy, the quite relaxed music plays perfectly..
gameplay od course like former titles in the series, is facinating ,yet bit harder from the fromer ones..
the stealth and agression meter which appears when finishing every mission is just what this title needed... and you'll soon try to beat your record in stealth , or agression , when you start the game all over again...
cool game, that will spice up your boring , lonly days :) , go buy it!