User Rating: 9.5 | Hitman: Contracts PC
now i am a veteran player of the great Hitman series which has been my favorite series for a while, so i eagerly waited for Hitman:Contracts the 3rd game in the series well i got it and was plesantly relieved to find it was a great game like the rest of them heres my review

Gameplay:great if your a fan of series you'll like it even more bet it should appeal to the average gamer with a decent capacity of violence handeling. Its a game where you can do the missions the way you want stealth or violent, slow or fast, are you going to only kill your target or everyone else with him there are different ways of doing the missions some controls you might have to get used to but its great and also the best "Ragdoll" physics i've seen yet

Graphics:beautiful use of Nvida and ATI video cards great bump mapping and animations not to metion the great character models

Sound:very good sound effects and soundtrack and the main character speaking lines are great as well as the dialouge even to the point where foreigners aren't the best at speaking english and using their native language

Value:good game for the price, replay value can be great

Final word:a great game get if you like the series and also if you like stealth/action games in general