Agent 47 helped me choose my career.

User Rating: 8.7 | Hitman: Blood Money X360
:Good Idea:
·The Hitman's like clay. You can make a lot of crap with clay but Eidos seems to have the idea of making wonderful environments that are open for change. You have a mission and tools to do the mission, but you overall get to choose how that mission plays out. It's a good design that has worked with the Hitman series from the running days.
·First person mode is actually a lot better. It doesn't have a generic pull to it. I liked Contract's first person mode but this one just feels more authentic.
·Finally, they brought bullet holes in bodies back. I thought after the Hot Coffee "scandal", violence would be watched more closely by game creators. Thank you, Eidos, for putting bullets holes in the bodies. It creates a nice realism.

:Bad Idea:
· The graphics are great but they appear to have been toned down in some areas of the game. For instance, there's a lot of clipping issues (more than usual) and there's a bit of a problem with going through fabrics on the training level.
·When using your fiber wire on a guy from above, the camera moves to below his feet. It makes the game feel less real and more generic. I hated that.
· There's not a lot of language, but I would have enjoyed a language filter.

· If you enjoy getting paid to murder bad people, this is the game to get. Blood Money adds more into the mind of an assassin (more than you Rogues in World of Warcraft will ever know). There's plenty of fun to be had and even though the game is difficult, it isn't annoying to lose. It just makes your think "What did I do wrong?".

:Achievement Challenge:
·The achievements are super easy to obtain... until you get to the Professional missions. I can't get a Silent Assassin on the first mission. Someone always see's me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Oh, well. But the secrets are basically... Don't spend money until you hit $5,000,000. Complete a accidental kill. Kill 47 people and finish a mission. Lol, 47.