Greatest stealth game!!!

User Rating: 9.6 | Hitman: Blood Money PS2
I have played this game, and i am impressed. There are lots of good and new stuff what you have never saw in stealth game and also never though that these thing can come in this kind of game or in HITMAN!!!

New stuff:
After you have killed enemy, you can put him into trash containers or in chest. You also can push him over the rail, but also on stairs, on road, can drown him, byt pushing him into the water (any kind) and so one. You not only can kill enemy, but also make him unconscious, byt knock him down, beat him/her up and put him/her that kind of serum.

Good stuff:
You can climb up by downpipes and jump on 1 terrace to other.

Anyway this is that kind of Hitman, what everyone wants! These should be some new stuff more, but Io Interactive have prove him self!