With many different ways to... Complete your objectives, Hitman: Blood Money has some very good replay value.

User Rating: 8.4 | Hitman: Blood Money X360
Hitman: Blood Money for the X-Box 360 is a very good game that gives the player a great variety of ways to go about completing his/her objectives. With a great notoriety system, this game allows you to go about killing people in whatever way you want, however, you'll find there are many benefits to going about it in a quiet and stealthy fashion. If you don't make noise, and use as little violence as possible to kill your mark, you will get more money for upgrading your weapons, and getting special items such as flak jackets, and pain killers, which of course can be quite advantageous in certain situations. The stealth system is the same as the earlier games in the Hitman series, but there is a good storyline following agent 47, and with the ending setting up another sequel, I think that Hitman: Blood Money is the best game in the Hitman series.
But personally, the absolute best thing about Hitman: Blood Money, is that you can literally shoot up the entire place, leaving nobody alive, or you can be as stealthy and undetectable as possible. Or, you can choose to kill people using the middle ground of the two extremes. I would definitely recommend to at least rent Hitman: Blood Money, but personally, if I were you I'd buy it.