This is one of the BEST stealth games EVER MADE !

User Rating: 10 | Hitman: Blood Money PC
> Graphics 10/10 I first brought it for the ps2 enjoyed it regardless but when i brought the PC version my Mind was blown with the AWESOME graphics ! it never slows down for me the details are awesome ! Truly the BEST LOOKING Hitman game even when compared to Absolution it looks GREAT !

> Sound 10/10 Jesper kyd does an awesome job of creating a perfect atmosphere for Hitman games

> Gameplay

Its just Perfection for a hitman game !

You get to select your weapons before each mission..

Depending on how well you do the mission you get the money and the more money you get the more Weapons for you !

The gameplay is all about observing& analyzing your environment and doing things like a silent assassin !

> Final Verdict: 10/10 THIS IS how a Stealth game should be like !