One of the best Stealth games ever made.

User Rating: 8 | Hitman: Blood Money PS2
When you talk about Stealth Metal Gear is always remembered for being the father of Genero, but there is a Stealth game that is very good, but it is little spoken at the moment, Hitman: Blood Money is a popular game, but nowadays it is Very little talked about, but it was one of the best Stealth games on PS2 and all time too, I was never a big fan of Hitman, but Blood Money I always liked, even with few missions, each mission has a different scenario and Several possibility to pass it, has a good plot, even if nothing compared to a Metal Gear (is inevitable not to make comparison), the graphics are good, the soundtrack combines with the game, the gameplay is good but there are some problems , Sometimes it does not respond to the command you do, the environment is very good, each scenario is very different from the other, and they are very detailed, the difficulty depends on you, if you are experienced in Stealth games or already played all Hitman, Not have so many difficulties, now if you do not Hitman Blood Money is one of the best Stealth games I've ever played, and the best game in the Hitman saga so far. Note 84