The best one in Hitman franchise.

User Rating: 9 | Hitman: Blood Money PC

You return back once again a protagonist in this franchise, Agent 47, back to create mayhem or just silently slip through the cracks and deliver silent lethal kills.

Whatever you do, however you do, there is a distinct sense of freedom of movement and the freedom to accomplish missions your way and find alternate routes. This was missing in the previous Hitman installments wherein the players had to go through a scripted route to finish the mission.

Where Blood Money really excels is the art of graphics, and absolutely fantastic soundtracks by Jesper Kyd.

The music in the game is intense and subtle as well. The atmospheric sounds and music create a sense of calm urgency that only 47 can understand. Blood Money's various levels are so well designed that you actually feel a part of the situation. The AI reacts well to the challenge. The final mission in the game is by far the best one. It is incredibly challenging and makes you realize just how far the game and its characters have gone to make the experience truly one of the best.