Another great game

User Rating: 8 | Hitman: Blood Money PC

Agent 47 is now running again. This time he passed by both drug houses, mental hospitals and even the White House. Many know enough Hitman (Agent 47) from many of the previous games such as Hitman: 2 and Hhitman: Contracts. This time he is back for more money and end up actually saving the president.

I personally have always been happy to play all the Hitman games. I actually have almost all the games on my PS2 and also for PC. I like the concept as Hitman. He is ice cold, however one might understand sometimes why he does as he now does.

In this game you start with some small missions just to be played with when you saw then into the maps where you need to start thinking. One should consider whether it is smartest to go through the front door with a gun and shoot well, or whether it is better to find some poison and poison the person you now must kill. This is just one example of the things you encounter. All the different things that can be encountered is the reason why the game is fun. And it's lovely is that some of the NPC's wandering around also draws you attention while you're doing the 13 missions.

You come around a lot in the game. Anywhere from water to land.

All in all, this game is worth trying if you like to think and shoot.