this game is so good and awesome,,best hitman yet ever;)

User Rating: 9 | Hitman: Blood Money PS2

hitman looks balder and more frustrated and ever,,time for some kick-ass good game;D

i just cant desribe how good this game is,,

specially on the ps2,,but also other pltforms awell,,

its a blast to play,,a nice journey,,

lots of good moments,,and chills,,storywise,,

cuz its a wiser game this time around,,,

what works better this time around is,,




-dress up,,

-- float of the game,,

- better colors and camera;),,

-- more smart enemies an ai,,

--better atmhosphere,,

-- better textures,,

--cutscenes looks better etc;)

-- feels even more realistic than b4,,

--better music and tone and gore;D

-- better stealth sequenses;p --

- better looking enemeis;D,,

-- better accurate weapons;D,,recoil et;),,

--better sprites etc;)

better options weapons all in all,,feels much better;D,,

though there are some tehcnical problems with this ride,,

but they are minor and few;d


i will,,or had;)