deadly,bloody & silent!. .Playing this great game, you'll never know what hit you.. innovative!! sweeet!... c'',)

User Rating: 9.4 | Hitman: Blood Money PS2
everybody knows its one of the best stealth game today and yet the best hitman released since silent assasin.. and i loved silent assasin so i expected too much from this game, I'm not disappointed and its not disappointing! but i was quite hoping it to be much better..
the real fun about this is not like one of those action games that you just have to keep firing or being a trigger happy to finish the game...hell no...

-its about being stealth, deadly & silence thinking of a strategy how to KILL your enemy in a smooth but brutal way, earning your money in a dirty way so you can upgrade you weapons to a finest quality to use for being a deadly silent assasin!, the graphics is very nice and well executed although with a lot of glitches and unrealistic happenings, but can be deal with as long as you follow the right process, and wat da hell?! the MUSIC! I just loved it!!its really great! the story has some simple yet deep twist and enough to be entertaining..the new way to kill your enemys, the new items and weapons to kill... its all about KILLIKNG!!! sweeet! but practically, its so good that it felt like its too short, same in MGS snake eater..

c'',) a great game!..savvvy?..
INNOVATIVE - being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before------

** it'll fullfill your darkest desires in a world of hitman**