Most overlooked, and one of the best games of the Year. Best of the Series by far. And good on any system.

User Rating: 8.7 | Hitman: Blood Money PS2
I don't try and write reviews all professional and stuff. Since Gamestop already has done that for you. I don't see the need to do that. Instead I rather just fill in maybe hole I think they missed. First off this game is the best in the series by far. And is one of the better games of the year in fact. Graphically it is sorta odd. I have to say this, I rented it on the PS2 and beat it. Than for kicks I rented it on the Xbox. I was gonna rent it for the Xbox first, but you cold not get this game. So when I finally get a rent of it, it was only a PS2. So I went for it.And graphics wise from the PS2 to the Xbox not much change. That being said. The PS2 is vary impressive for being the old guy on this game. If anything for what the PS2 is. The graphics are great on it for that system. For the Xbox they look about the same so their not as much as a pull off for that system. And for the 360, same thing, I'm sure it could of looked better. So in simple terms it vary playable look wise on any machine. The missions on this game keep you so involved. What is gonna be the key to next Gen good games was shown in this game. This was not just a go in and get a guy in a aprtment building. Or some warehouse. The mission areas are so cool, and everyone completely different from the other. It just keeps you glued to the game. The controls are pretty easy and sweet. And the music and sound effects are great. But with great control and good graphics. Its the missions that make this game. I mean your anywhere form A drunken Bourbon Street festival. To a Rehab Clinic. To a Riverboat, to some hick wedding in the deep south. Or a wild old amusement park Coney Island-ish. And even the White House! And some others as well. Its joust great settings. And the way you have to go about each mission is deep. Its not just go kill, Grab a thing and leave. A lot of tactics are involved. And its sorta key that you do these mission without getting seen. Of course you can try and go in and just blow everything up guns blazing. But you even get down graded if you use a bomb for a damage control grade. So you find yourself trying to find the most intuitive way to kill off certain people. And also you find your self trying to find the most intuitive way to get around in disguise. Even if this involves dressing in a freak like bird suit. And listing to the guy you just killed girlfriend talk about how she's gonna jump your bones when she sees you. If you took the walkie talkie too. But the game does nto force you to do a mission one way or another. Side objectives are giving but are not a must. So the feel of , "I'm going to do it my way." Is a great free feeling in this game. In basic Gamespot is right with this one. Its is a vary cool game. If anything they may have under scored it??