Excellent game

User Rating: 8 | Hitman: Absolution PC

Hitman Absolution is an excellent addition to the series,taking everything the previous games did great while adding something new and challenging.

The story isn't anything special,taking a lot from the Hitman movie in a way that it deals with 47 becoming more of a protector than a hitman, but does offer some good moments with some interesting targets.

The main point of any hitman game are the assassinations.And they are done brilliantly in this game.Every mission can be finished in a number of ways.You can shoot everyone if you want to.But the real challenge is to do it like a real hitman,and that challenge is superb.Sneaking,stealing outfits,making it look like an accident or using a sniper from a distance, whichever approach you choose will make you feel like a real assassin. A new element is that other people can now notice you when you come close even if you are in disguise, unless you use instinct,which can't be used indefinitely,making you plan your moves,unless you play on the easier difficulties where the game is actually too easy,to the point of not being fun anymore. Overall,going with stealth is very fun,and seeing your score at the end of the level has gives a real sense of accomplishment.

The graphics in this game are superb, and the optimization is perfect,one of the best as of late.The game runs smoothly and the visuals are great,even on medium/low settings are used,I felt as if I've played an average game on very high settings.The music scores are excellent and nicely go with the hitman theme.

The only downside to the game are occasional levels where you don't actually do much other than move and sneak,and in some you actually don't do anything at all other than move.These levels bring down the pace completely and somehow break the excitement of the classic assassination levels.

This is an excellent game you should definitely play.