A solid Hitman entry that almost justifies the wait. Largely sticks to the formula while simultaneously innovating.

User Rating: 9 | Hitman: Absolution PC
Hitman: Absolution is a great experience irrespective of what you come expecting of it. While series fans such as me felt instantly at home with what is a natural evolution for the series, first time players will find it much more accessible than the earlier entries. The game now allows for play styles other than 'silent assassin' and unlike the earlier games does not completely break down in case of an un-stealthy approach. While it is still not supposed to be a generic third person cover based shooter, the possibility of a little violence, especially in repeat play-throughs makes for an interesting Bond/Bourne like experience.
The story is nothing great, but keeps you glued to the mission progression and serves to give a context to each level. It's more personal story where 47 finds himself in the midst of an upheaval that threatens to destroy the agency itself.
Graphically, the game looks exquisitely crafted. Superb art direction with good lighting and crisp textures immerse you into the richly detailed environments that vary greatly from giant factories to labs to villas to run-down hotels to small towns. Special mention should go to the audio design where everything from the suppressed sound of the gunfire to the satisfying plop of a headshot that go that extra mile towards creating a richer experience.
The only thing worth complaining is the new corridor-like mission structure that makes one fondly remember the large sandbox levels of the earlier games. Not to say they are completely absent – there are quite few of them, but it would have been great to have many, many more such levels.
In short – great game, not to be missed. Time now for a reboot?