This game looks fantastic.

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I'm surprise there are barely anyone in this forumn talking about this game.  I watched the 20 min gameplay footage an it looks like the total package.  The graphics are beautiful, ai is smart, a good attention to detail and creative scenarios with a combination of stealth and shooting.  It basically looks like a more fun deus ex/metal gear hybrid with a new coat of paint taboot

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Looks good indeed!  And seems like it will sound pretty good too. - the game website has a great classical sound track.  More and more games are doing this it seems...Bioshock's use of solo violin enchanced the enviroment very nicely.

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Can't wait until the release for Hitman.  I saw in one of the video previews that it said the game will be coming out on PC on August 1st.  Is that true?  I even spoke to a retailer and they said they dont even have a date yet for PC. hmm...

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amen. been playing these games since 2000. this one might very well be the best, although blood $'s gonna be tough to top. we were spoiled. we had 4 different hitman games by 2006, what a dreary 6 years it has been since! love how you can improvise weapons & hits, judging by the gameplay vids. im a little concerned about the AI not questioning a bald, axe wiedling police officer however. take the "streets of hope" video for example. its odd, like you have to be all careful with the very first hit, then its like mass murder all the way to the end & you dont blow youre cover? maybe its just a bad example of this concept, in that particular level. know what i mean? in fact, judging by the demop & that level, seems like the number of targets has been greatly incresed in alot of the missions as well. hope we wont get punished from the silent assassin rating, even if we use, say, a remote detonated bombs to complete the hits, in a more "bloodier than fibre wire" fashion also love the "wheres waldo" moments, in the sniper challenge, trying to find & complete some of these challenges. if theres that much thought going into the final game, compared to the demo, all the hitman fans are in for a treat, even considering the loss of bateman/ kyd. can do without the very "square enix oriented" deluxe professional edition's statue figurine. the pro's gonna be good enough for this kid. hair trigger is awesome. i hope it stays the same in the final version. cant wait for 11/20!