Silent assassin rating?

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Are there levels that you CANT get silent assassin rating in?  Ive been playing terminus Hotel and I go through it all the way without taking anyone out or getting caught but I still dont get silent.  ?

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I think you have to do the challenges in the notebook to get score modifiers to be able to get SA on some levels.
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Oh ok  I always forget to look at the bonuses :D

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I don't think the challenges should affect whether you can get silent assassin rating or not - more challenges completed means your end score will be higher - MUCH higher if you get silent assassin, but I don't think the 2 are necessarily linked.
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I read that you only get silent on levels that have you kill someone

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just about to test that out as I think I have figured out the silent suit only route for Terminus Hotel. I've already completed the second part silently but didn't get a silent assassin rating as I knocked an electrician out in the first part to get his outfit.
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I read that you only get silent on levels that have you kill someone

That seems to be correct. I just completed Terminus hotel, Suit only, no kills or KO's and undetected and got "Specialist" rating
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Yeah, I completed the level without being spotted and even managed to do it suit only, without knocking out anyone at all and still only managed 'professional' or 'shadow'. Some gamers have suggested there's no Silent Assassin rating unless there is a target to be assassinated. Makes sense but I wish it could be explained. The handbook for the game is rubbish, especially compared to previous games, although the game itself is outstanding. Peace - MWK
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This one is scored differently from past ones in the series. No SA on levels without assassinations.