Silent Assassin not possible on Countdown level?

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Title is self explanatory. Don't complain if you come here and read spoilers.

I've yet to see any video proof of anyone getting Silent Assassin on this level, despite some claiming they have. I have found a way to get through it undetected by subduing and hiding two non target NPCs, and signature killing the target, yet I only get a Professional rating. 

I can only assume if it IS possible, there must be some way to get the Silent Assassin bonus somewhere, but I don't see how. Any clues from those whom might have achieved this?

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lol i just played this mission a few hours ago and got Silent Assassin.  i was playing on normal difficulty.

i don't have any capture equipment, and i don't want to tell you how to do it because that makes it pointless.

but i should tell you that pacifying/killing anybody other than the target, like you were doing, automatically takes away silent assassin.

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OK, thanks. A lot harder to sneak by on Hard than Normal btw.

I almost got up the stairs past the first bunch of guys after shooting the TNT pack straight ahead of the starting position as a distraction, but I didn't toss the hammer I found behind the crates very well to sneak up the stairs. Then every time after that when I restarted the level the damn AI took different paths when investigating the explosion, so I couldn't sneak past them.

Maybe I'm trying to do it too fast. I'm going to have another go at it, this time by just waiting for the rright moments to sneak.