"A Personal Contract" on Purist Difficulty

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what is the best rating you have gotten on the first mission set on Purist difficulty? the best i have done is Shadow with 31,080 points. has anyone made it to Silent Assassin? i don't see how that is possible in the final phase of the mission when you have to deal with the 4 men outside the girl's door.

that being said, maybe i am unclear about the rules you have to follow to get the Silent Assassin rating. in previous hitman games you couldn't kill anyone except the targets from the contract.

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I'm working on it myself and so far as I can tell, the only actions that count toward your rating is when you're in the same area as the Dead Of Security and the Chef.

So you can't knock anyone out aside the Head Of Security, it helps to hide his body, and you have to somehow grab the Evidence, aside from that, I don't know what else to try.

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Sorry for the second post, but I really think there is no Silent Assassin rating for this level.

*deep breath* I've already got all the challenges, I snuck through the entire level, didn't get spotted or make any guards Suspicious, grabbed the sleeping tablets, drugged the coffee, grabbed the keycard, hid his body, went upstairs, opened the blinds, grabbed the evidence and then left through the second floor door!

After all that, all I got was 34,410 and a Shadow rating, I honestly cannot think of anything else to do to earn more points, so all I can think of now is it's either a bug or it's just coded this way.