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So, I know this isn't the Blood Money forums, but they're kind of empty, so I decided to post here.

I was plaing the Vintage year level on Normal and finished with:

  • no one besides targets killed or injured
  • 1 shot fired, 1 shot hit, 1 shot kill (wasn't a headshot though, body shot with silenced sniper rifle)
  • 1 kill with fiber wire, body hidden
  • no bodies found
  • no covers blown
  • no witnesses
  • not caught on camera
  • 0 noise made
  • 0 aggression used
  • exited mission with all custom weapons and suit

But I still only got "Professional" rating instead of Silent Assassin. So what did I miss? Did the shot have to be a headshot even if it was a 1 shot kill?

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Now I'm not sure, but the only thing I can think of based off what you listed, is that you used a gun to kill your target. Perhaps you need to use something like the syringe or fibre wire?

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Don't kill anyone but the target

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To achieve the Silent Assassin rating, you need to make the deaths look like an accident.

Here is a walkthrough of how I achieved the first kill, of the target playing the cello. This is the most risky kill, even though he is alone in a room.

At the start of the level, carry straight on past the doors, at a slow pace so the guards don't turn to follow you. You'll come to a corner, take it. Further up, there is a guard carrying a shotgun who walks along the buildings exterior wall towards the cliff-face overlooking the waterfall. Neutralise the guard, but DON'T kill him. Sneak up behind him and knock him out, take his clothes and hide his body in the little culvert by the old truck.

Walk back round where you came from and you'll see a large box by the wall. Quickly, climb the box and climb over the wall. You'll find yourself in a courtyard with several workers and guards strolling around. Walk towards the big set of doors of the main building in front of you. These have a guard stood by them. Before you get there, you'll notice to your left a smaller door. Walk towards it.

At the side of the door is a drainpipe. Quickly climb it before someone notices you. You'll find yourself on a flat roof. Climb through the open window to your right and you'll find yourself in the room of the target. Sneak up behind him and use the anaesthetic needle on him. Drag his body to the balcony and throw him over it. That'll make it look like an accident.

For the other kill, you'll need to place your Remote Control Mine on the pulley that is holding several large barrels. When the target walks underneath them, detonate the mine and exit the area really quickly and escape.

You should find you've achieved the S.A rating.

I hope this helps.