Playing Hitman Abolution non-stealth method

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I find it's much more fun to just start blasting everyone than it is to try to hide and avoid everyone. I think it's kind of dumb you get penalized for playing that way though. They say it's up to you how you go about a mission, true, but why penalize me for my playstyle? The disguises are pretty much useless anyway, they notice you almost instantly if you get anywhere near an enemy even if you use instinct. This is a pretty fun game when you play it like a standard 3rd person shooter, not so much as a stealth game imo.

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Combat in this one is certainly easier and therefore a more accessible option than it was in previous Hitman games, where gunplay was clumsy and AI all responded instantly like a hive mind, but it can also get boring after a while. There's more suspense to having to time sneaks and hide bodies, and the new AI don't always take the same path with each checkpoint reload, so it's less predictable now.

It also makes sense and is more realistic that the point system is stealth based because, after all, it IS a stealth based game. In real life a hitman wouldn't choose to go loud unless he really messed up. It just makes the job more dangerous, raising his chance of being killed, captured or apprehended by police.

Although I think they could have done much better by balancing the disguise system, there certainly are disguises that work. You generally just have to avoid eye contact from NPCs wearing like uniforms. In areas where they ALL have the same uni, you need to crouch, take cover, and sneak from one spot to another.

Instinct also works even if seen in a like uniform. As long as you engage it before they look at you and hold it until you're out of their perpheral view, you can get by them via only rasing suspicion slightly, which is not at all the same as being spotted. Sounds like you either haven't played the game enough or have been too impatient in using stealth.

Hitman has always been a game where you don't know the best stealth methods until you've put in a fair amount of trial and error play testing, and that takes a lot of patience.

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what i really hate is that you don't get a silenced weapon in every level - i want to play like a real hitman who wipes out people that stand in my way - that means not mass murdering everyone, only get rid of a few ..

sure you can use a knife but it's not the same ..

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what i really hate is that you don't get a silenced weapon in every leveltomkat69pc

Actually you do. You can always silently subdue or necksnap someone, and the fiberwire is available in most levels and where it isn't they give you a replacement item that can do the same thing. Then there's atypical ways of silent killing, like poison, shoving someone by a ledge to fall to their death, pulling someone off a ledge or out a window from below them,  etc.

If you keep thinking of the game as a mere shooter you'll never experience all the possibilites.

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I think this is the problem of most "modern gamers". They are too impatient, reckless and mentally lazy, result of FPS overdose.
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Just killed Blake Dexter in the Countdown level via Silent Assassin rating on my current Expert mode run, after struggling to find a way to get it on Hard. The key is in using the silent pistol as a distraction at the right place. Given the fog cover, you're only allowed one pacification with body hidden to get SA rating, but it's definitely doable, as are many things once you learn how to use stealth.