**** learns about Hitman: Absolution

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I have to admit that even without the brilliant David Bateson and Jesper Kyd, I'm still looking forward to it. Currently doing a playthrough of my old Hitman games (Silent Assassin rating or nothing!), watching the Hitman movie again and listening to Jesper Kyd's awesome soundtracks on my ipod.

PS: I just had to say it that I almost forgot how much I love the Tosca opera rehearsal mission in Blood Money, haha good times and hurry up November! :)

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My favorite Blood Money level has got to be the Heaven/Hell club level. Still cannot seem to get a "silent assassin" rating on it in expert mode.... gggggrrrrr!!!

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Haha nice keep trying mate. It's a nice level to look at, but the duel was a bit lame I thought. Took me hours but I finally managed SA waiting above the Heaven lift and wiring Martinez, took his costume and got Eve in her office, staying well away from the Heaven dancefloor area. I think there's a certain grey-haired bloke hanging around there who if he notices you, you don't get SA rating. I think the guy who is sometimes leaning against the wall outside - him. It's the one thing I kept missing.

Gotta love "A New Life" mission too... putting ether on panties dressed as a clown... haha. BTW speaking of that mission, did you know there's a Russian Hare rating?