I wonder if I can take costumes to different levels in single player!

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Remember when you could take whatever weapons you wanted in Blood Money to different levels?

I was wondering if the same would happen with costumes.

I'd like to walk around as a sewage treatment plant employee.

The last thing my targets would smell is a man coverd in *bleep*

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I don't know about that one, but what I found interesting was that in the "contracts" portion of the game, they said you could set up certain parameters in the contracts you create, and that included what weapons are available to you, as well as what outfits you start with and things along that line. So at least in contracts mode, it appears like you'll have the ability to start out with an outfit or at the very least have one set up somewhere for you to find. It might be cool if they bring that feature into normal single player mode, but in my opinion it doesn't really matter.. part of the fun in the game is finding an outfit you want and taking it by force.
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If you look at videos of contracts mode you DO get to pick your starting costume, so YES. That being said, i highly doubt that you can in story mission.