Hunter and Hunted Hard Mode SA rating Glitch?

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I believe I've found a bug.

First of all I understand that on levels without a "target" to kill a "silent assassin" rating is not possible, therefore the highest possible rating would be "shadow."

Second, searching the net, I know that a Silent Assassin rating is possible on the Hunter and Hunted level.

As I playthrough the level, non-targets are subdued (not killed) and their bodies are always hidden. Targets are killed "signature style" for the highest possible points, and evidence is always removed. I'm never spotted, as I'm a veteran Hitman player & I study all npc movement patterns. Finally, all various challenges have been completed. What gives?

I searched google and the Hitman forums only to discover a bunch of pissed off people with the same issue. Ps3 players have not yet complained (to my knowledge) but both PC & 360 players have. Anyone know anything about this??

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It's not actually possible to get an overall rating of Silent Assassin for Hunter and Hunted. You can only get SA in two of the five parts, Vixen Club and Chinese New Year, and that will never add up to SA for the entire chapter.

There are sources on the net that give misleading info on such things, not the least of which is IGN. They make videos implying certain ratings are possible, but show no proof of it.