how do you up ur score in story missions?

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for most of the game, beating the level without being seen and hiding the bodies i knock out was enough to unlock the playstyles (or w.e the Ironman 3 is).

but i was playing two of the levels (dont wanna give spoilers) and i beat both of them without being seen, killing anyone, and without using any disguise. after i beat the section i noticed i didnt have enough points to get the unlock.

what are you supposed to do to get a higher score, getting the evidence only adds 1500ish and most actions take away points.

do they MAKE you have to do all the challenges and do it again or is there something you can do to increase your score?

i notice the leaderboards have people with 50,000, where i have 15,000 (in non-assassination missions). i gotta be missing something.

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Well you get your points from Objectives target or other and each challenge gives you a 5% bonus to the original score once completed. On average for each level you need 60% of challenges to get a silent assasin rank. The challenges are a lot of fun though and help you see things in the game you missed.

eg. Dress as a chipmonk and kill all targets with a katana for example.

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Each objective you complete will give you a 5% boost to your score, but the biggest single boost comes from playing on higher difficulties. Professional Hard gives +50%, while I think the Purist boost is 150%. Of course that also amplifies any mistakes you make, but that is the difficulty you need to be playing on to hope to make the top of any leaderboards (having also already completed all challenges).