Holy hell those graphics!

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Now I'm not necessarily a graphics whore. However, if they are there I am more than pleased and I can frankly say that this game maxed out on a PC looks gorgeous. The textures are fantastic and the lighting, while not necessarily realistic, looks really pretty. My computer actually lagged. It never lags! With Sleeping Dogs and this I can frankly say we have some pretty good ports especially from a graphical standpoint. Good job lads.
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While it certainly has it's moments, I am often annoyed by the graphics. Not because they are bad (quite the opposite) but because of the overuse of lens flares, bloom and other filters it's just  too much and it can be very distracting. I'm playing it on PS3 right now, but might just get it for PC if there is a way to turn down some of those filters.. There is a gradient in the upper 6th of the screen in some levels which is VERY annoying and ruins those otherwise nice graphics. Also that "bleached" look of some of the levels is rather ugly to look at..

I really hope developers would stop overusing those effects.. then again hollywood is doing it too.. started with Star Trek and now has it's peek with Total Recall aka Lens flare the movie

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I love Hitman Absolution!.. This game runs great on PC and is one of the best since its by Squaresoft. I found a link to this and tons of other games here - http://daredtoshare.wordpress.com/ and freelinks4everyone.wordpress.com Their both really good and update there links to games constantly.
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even though I should be used to it by now in video games, and i wouldn't call it frustrating, it still amazes me sometimes the degree that lens flare and bloom are so overdone.
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Yep, maxed it's quite the looker, but I agree on the lens flares, a bit overdone. Not as bad as Frostbite 2, but I kinda blame all games that overuse it on DICE for the way they made BF3.

I really don't see any point to a spotting lens look when our heros are typically naked eye. It's not immersive devs, it's like playing camera man while following around our dear heros whilst in deperate need of a lens cleaner.

Miles above the graphics of previous Hitman games though, and AI is much more sophisticated too. I also like the sound quality, like the thunder and rain effects at the start of Blackwater Park. Certainly has it's cheesy dialog though. "Do you have something to hide sir,...SIR?"

The gameplay is quite good too for the most part, until you get to the very last bit on the rooftop. OMG the ending sucks. Such a buzz kill when a game has a crap ending.

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Kind of reminds me of the original splinter cell in that way.