corrupted save file

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I downloaded this from the xbox store before a trip. So halfway through the game, playing offline, I get a corrupted save file message when I start the game. I come home go online and it still has the same mesage when I try to start the game. When I look it up on the web here I see people talking about this back in Nov, and then talking about a patch... which obviously hasn't worked.


For refernece I have seen now that I've looked it up, people saying 'back up your save file' though it is too late for that, seriously why would a community that oays $60 a game, millions of dollars to the makers not expect what they pay for to work. I've been playing since mario/duck hunt and I sure have not backed up save files for anything, nor do I remember a problem from it in those 27years.

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I, too, just got the 'corrupted save' error, so I can say that as of April 16, 2013, there is still a glitch. Sure wish I had known about this problem before now. I played the entire game on 'Purist' difficulty and was just finishing Blackwater Park with the corrupted save occurred. Too bad ... this is a really fun, great game, but now I'm not sure I have the heart to continue playing. I HATE games that don't let you have multiple saves. It's ridiculous when the current genre of games don't provide that.