Checkpoints. People dont stay dead.

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It seems that whenever I go to checkpoints, die and then come back, the people that I previously killed to get to the checkpoint come back to life. Does this happen to anyone else? I dont know if it happens every time, but its happened at least twice and its frustrating as hell. 

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That's just how the Checkpoint system works, everything respawns, this is most obvious in the Tutorial mission.

If you deal with the second guard in th first area, then activate the first available checkpoint, then choose to Restart From Last Checkpoint, the guard is standing right in front of you with his back to you.

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According to the devs, the checkpoint system was never meant to be a save system. So yes, that is how it's supposed to work, and no, your game is not broken.

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I found I had as imilar experience and to be honest just find it a good reason not to use the checkpoints system and instead try to get to the end of the level as best I can before I save.

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Yeah it's literally a checkPOINT vs progress save system. Meaning you only get advanced to that position. 

The good thing is if you've already gotten items, evidence and targets taken care of in the area preceding the checkpont, you can go on to get items, evidence and targets beyond that point, as areas don't tyically have overlapping patrols.

The bad thing is sometimes you have to backtrack to an exit point or such, and in that case you WILL have to deal with those you killed all over again, or slip by them somehow. It would work out OK were there never any need for backtracking.

However if you are not quiet enough in the areas you advance to, there can be problems with those having respawned even if you don't backtrack.

So while this location vs progress save idea may seem good on paper, in practice it can be hard to get used to, not to mention breaking immersion seeing NPCs come back to life.