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Anyone know how much of this game will get cut for australia? i know all the missions and such will still be avaiable, but will things like blood and gore etc becut from the game? 

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The whole game is to be banned in Aus, sorry mate!

Just kidding ;) although I wouldn't be surprised if we read in the news section it's "being considered to be banned in Aus" with "talks" going on behind closed doors. Of course, it's a deliberate marketing tactic engineered to get the game into the headlines to boost sales, that's all. I doubt Io Interactive will bother spending any money playing the ban card though, I mean we tend to see those marketing methods reserved for lower quality games that NEED all the publicity they can get. I won't name any examples for legal reasons, but you can probably guess which games studios used the services of Max Clifford in the past.

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man i always feel sorry for you guys in AUS. Trust me if there was anyway to send you guys un edited copies i would be the first one to do so
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