The sequel improves vastly on its predecessor both graphics and gameplay vise.

User Rating: 8 | Hitman 2: Silent Assassin PC
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a successor to the 2000 game Hitman: Codename 47. The game resolves around 47 bald genetically engineered assassin. In the the second instalment 47 retires from his life as a assassin and instead becomes a gardener at a Sicily church befriending a priest named Father Vittorio there. Now 47 wanting to confess sins he has committed that being killing people for money does just that. However during his session with Father Vittorio some mafia men come. Unknowingly Father Vittorio comes to greet new visitors only to be kidnapped by them. They leave a message for our enigmatic assassin requesting a lot of money if 47 wants to see his friend again. Not having the money 47 takes his suit and trusty silverballers in a quest to bring his friend out of captivity safe and unharmed. Through most of the game your objective will be to kill somebody even through there will be missions without this objective. New gameplay mechanics that are added to 47 are great. Now 47 can pick locks meaning most of locked doors can be accessed without a key. Also new ratings meter will appear after every mission completed and depending of how you played through the mission you will be granted a rank ranging from Silent Assassin to Mass Murderer. Getting the the best rank that being Silent Assassin will grant you a bonus weapons. Now you can save during missions. This will lead to much less frustration. Enemies can also be pacified by using anaesthetic on them. 47 can also crouch but this will probably be most useful when you want to go past a low wall or have a steadier shot with your sniper rifle. Still inclusion of this ability gives better immersion that 47 is really a super assassin. Graphics are rather improved from the previous game. Music is also good like its predecessors. In short if you like stealth games you should play this game.