Its -20 Degrees outside,The target is across the street in a bulding meeting,He MUST get taken out, how will you do it?

User Rating: 9.3 | Hitman 2: Silent Assassin PC
The Hitman series is all about innovation, and taking a tired bland style of play ( 3rd person ) And making it exciting, and fresh. The premise of Hitman is instead of mowing down hordes of enemy's, you only have 1, or 2 targets that you must assassinate in order to pass the mission. There is usually other objectives, but this title says it all. ( Notice the words Hitman, and Assassin )
Although you do have the option to kill everyone on the level, its up to you, but in order to get a Silent Assassin rating you must not shoot more than 3 shots, kill more than 2 guards, or one civilian, so if you want that rating that solidifies you as a true assassin, you will need to use stealth, knock out oppenents, take advantage of disgiuses, and much more, including maybe even killing your target with a Piano Wire, not a gun, like you would think. You could even assassinate someone with a golf club, it all depends on the situation, and for every situation you can do alot of stuff. Nothing seems scripted, or forced.
Speaking of disguises, Agent 47 is a master of disguise, despite the fact he is tall, pale, and has a bar code on his head, he can get around, and pass thru areas seen as just a guard, or bystandard...
The A.I is so so, sure they can tell suspicious behaviour, but they have a lack of commen sence, but for a game of this age, it's pretty good...
Now I will give you a rundown...

Gameplay - It can range from incredible to boring. There are many segments where it seems you are doing useless travel, and there are others that are action packed. The gameplay in this game is truely unique though.

Graphics - This game was made in 2002, and I can run everything on highest on my system, which makes me happy, Sure it is no High End game, especially for todays standards, so if you have a 7800, lol, its overkill for this.

Sound - Probably the best musical score for a game ive ever hered, besides maybe GTA San Andreas. The Producer, Composer, and Chorus that put this together own.

Value - What is it now $10? Just go get it.

Tilt - I like thease kinda games to start with...

This is the specs for my computer I played it on...

Integrated ATI Graphics Card
Onboard Integrated Sound
P4 3.0 GHZ W/ Hyper Threading
512 MB Ram
15" Sony LCD ( 12 ms Responce time )


I played it on Absolute Highest settings, no hiccups at all, with excellent crisp sound, so if you bought your computer within' the past year there is no way it cannot handle this.