Silent Murder Game and Intelligent sneak .

User Rating: 9.5 | Hitman 2: Silent Assassin PC
One of the Best Of Stealth Games . One of the features of the game it allows
you two choices . Either : Silent Murder Game and Intelligent sneak . Or : a public mass murder . The Game Very Hard In the first case , Especially : if you would like to Be Your rating : Silent Assassin . But In the the second case : The Game Very Easy , This is because this game is designed to be Silent Stealth Game . totally This Amazing Game . You can play this game more than one way to reach the desired goal . Disadvantages of the game : some things are not realistically . the game places is very diverse . stages of the Arab countries strange stages , As if it separate from the rest of the game ( Or as if another game ) !! . Overall, the game is a very beautiful and make you very Intelligent Man and observation and Hit man .