Not much replay value, especially all these years later.

User Rating: 6 | Hitman 2: Silent Assassin GC
Having never played the original Hitman: Agent 47 when it came out way back in 2000 I originally played the sequel for the cheap thrills of blasting enemies halfway across the screen (those silenced Ballers really pack a punch). Upon playing it again I'm sorry to say that the game has not aged well in the past 11 years. I guess I have been spoiled by HD graphics and higher resolution so much that the bland-ish environments didn't do much for me. The game takes place in a variety of locations around the world but never feels atmospheric. There is some really poor AI and glitches all over the place too.

From fans of the franchise I have gathered that the fun in the Hitman games is the variety of ways you can infiltrate the target's safety and wipe them out. Well...not in Hitman 2. There's only a couple of levels where you get more than one option, and most of the time it's quicker and easier to just go in all guns blazing than waste precious hours with stealth.

I have no doubt that the Hitman games have become more immersive as the technology refined over the years, but Hitman 2 is an unspectacular reminder of that era between CD-ROM shooters of the late 90s and the current generation HD consoles. Fun to play through one, and then inevitably forgotten forever afterwards.

Graphics B-
Sound B
Gameplay C+
Lasting Appeal C-