This game is just like others :(

User Rating: 5 | Hill Climb Racing AND
Hill Climb is an o.k. game. There is nothing fancy about it. The point of the game is to drive a car up and down hills, without snapping the drivers neck. Sure it sounds easy. Wait until you get to level 4. Then the game starts to suck.

When you drive the car up, down, and over the hills you have to adjust the gas and break pedals. This can be a hard thing to do. It's not just gas it to get to the end. You have to remember about landing the hill and what gravity will do to the drivers head. Take a hill hard and then.. Snap. Restart the level. Even if your 3 feet from the end. I have done that. Talk about getting pissed!! If you drive to slow the timer will get ya.

For some reason while driving over the hills, you have to collect coins. ahhhh Mario and Sonic flash backs. I guess every game has you collect coins. or rings.. Sonic fans.. With the coins you can buy things. Cars and other stuff. I didn't unlock anything yet. Its because I quit playing the game. It gets real boring real quick.

The graphics of the game are pretty good. Nice colors and designs. Simple yet doable.