Hidden & Dangerous 2 Cheats For PC

  1. Campaign 6 Mission 1

    Normandy 1 "Lighthouse" Easter Egg.

    This works in the Campaign/Single Player modes. There are 10 blue bottles scattered around the level, it takes some time to find them all and the result is not particularly impressive, in fact it is hardly worth doing, maybe if you are very bored!!
    Bottles can be found in the following locations, make sure No.10 is the last one you smash.

    1: In the lower level, two guards talking by a room with a desk inside, bottle is on floor by the desk.
    2: In the room with the explosive bags, smash the wooden cupboard doors to find it.
    3: In the sleeping quarters, under a bunk bed.
    4: In the sleeping quarters, top of metal locker.
    5: On the shelf above desk through double doors marked "Gesch B".
    6: In the dining room on a table.
    7: In the kitchen area, lying in an open cupboard.
    8: In the room marked by a red sign "Arzt", top of metal locker.

    Make these the last two.

    9: Through metal gates under raised "Gesch D" sign, turn left & room on right, bottle on table.
    10: In sleeping quarters next door to above room, smash last bottle & shoot drunk guard.

    Contributed by: John E Bee 

  2. Campaign 4 Mission 1

    Burma 1 "Anthill" Easter Egg.

    There is an Easter Egg in this mission which involves finding & smashing three skulls, then setting off a "trigger" is very funny and well worth looking for!! Make sure the map is clear of all enemies first.
    This works in the Campaign/Single Player modes. Start by completing the mission as normal but do not go to the extraction point, then make sure you kill all enemies on the map, including the bunkers. There are three skulls scattered around the map, shoot each one.
    Take ONE man along the path and head towards the extraction point marked on the map, three figures will appear in front of you walking between the ruins. Follow them back to the camp where you destroyed the parts and watch the show.

    Contributed by: John E Bee 

  3. Campaign 2 Mission 1

    Africa 1 "Spaghetti Airport" Easter Egg.

    This works in the campaign/single player modes. Complete ALL the mission objectives (except gathering at the vehicle) as normal making sure the jeep is intact.
    Go back to the main building and shoot the officer who told you Schumann had aleady left and pick up his body, then walk towards the tents. Take the jeep and drive it into the circular part of the nearest trench just behind the tents to the left of the runway.

    Walk onto the jeep and drop the officers body on top of it, get out and move a safe distance away. Lob a grenade to destroy the jeep which "burns" the body and triggers some hot guests!! If you can take them out one has an MP44 so it is a chance to get your hands on one early without cheating.

    Contributed by: John E Bee 

  4. Training

    Start the Training Mission and complete everything up to the grenade/tank range to access the other area. Go to where the jeep and truck are parked. Take the jeep (the truck wont start) and head towards the pool, go past a truck on your right then turn left and stop by the reception hut (instructor outside).
    Go into the hut, as you look at the desk there is a switch on the right side, click it then continue to the pool and complete the objective, dont go back before doing the pool or mission will fail.

    Take the jeep back and truck will now start, drive a little way out of the parking bay then stop. Climb up the bonnet/hood and onto the top of the truck then onto the roof behind, a gold bar is in the far corner.

    Take it and complete the other objective (Explosives) then go back to the firing range, ignore the instructor and go into the the exit door to the fixed MG, the gold bar tirggers some extra shooting practice.

    Contributed by: John E Bee 

  5. Campaign 5 Mission 2

    Alps 2 "Estate Agent" Easter Egg.

    This takes a little setting up but is pretty good.

    This works in the Campaign/Single Player modes. Start the mission as normal, is better to use a character with high strength rating to carry more than one bar at a time, as I think this has to be done in a set sequence. Hand over the papers and talk to the guards back in the warehouse, then head through the castle to meet Agent Salter. On the way stop by the large mural & open the hidden door. Drop everything except an MP40 and you should be able to pick up two gold bars.
    Keep going to the Library, when you go in drop a gold bar but dont talk to Salter, go back and get another bar, then back track and speak to her. Follow her to the archive. On the way you'll pass a guard cleaning windows on the left, on the right are some large paintings, the one closest to the door you just came through has another secret door behind it. Let Salter open the door at the far end (sometimes she just stops and wont move if you dont) pick the lock and drop another bar in the room with the stolen paintings.

    Continue to the archive, when you get to the room with the file, drop the third gold bar, this triggers the Easter Egg by the truck parked in the courtyard so you'll have to fight your way out to see it !!

    Contributed by: John E Bee 

  6. Campaign 5 Mission 1

    Alps 1 "Babes In The Wood" Easter Egg.

    This is fairly easy to trigger, just attack the Halftrack when it appears at the first T Junction.

    This works in the Campaign/Single Player modes. Fight your way to the T junction just before road turns right to the MG42 nest, stop and wait for the halftrack to appear along the road to the left, fire a few shots to stop it then kill the four crew when they jump out.
    Pick up each body and drop it on the nearest large boulder in the trees. Continue with the mission as normal for a "boney" surprise at the other end.

    Contributed by: John E Bee 

  7. Item Codes

    Press the ''~'' button to bring down the console then type in giveitem (and then any of the following to get different equipment)

    Effect Effect
    arisaka Arisaka Meiji 38
    arisakaopt Arisaka Meiji 38 w/scope
    bar BAR M1918
    brengun Bren Gun
    colt Colt 1911
    delisle De Lisle Commando Carbine
    degtyarev Degtyarev DP 1928
    enfield Enfield .38
    knifesas Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger
    backpackger German Backpack
    knifeger German Figting Knife
    backpackgb1 Great Britain Backpack Style 1
    backpackgb2 Great Britain Backpack Style 2
    backpackgb3 Great Britain Backpack Style 3
    k98 Karabiner 98K
    k98opt Karabiner 98K w/scope
    lee Lee-Enfield MK 4
    leeopt Lee-Enfield MK 4 w/scope
    parabellum Luger Parabellum P08
    bazooka M1 Bazooka
    garand M1 Garand
    thompson M1 Thompson (Tommy Gun)
    mosin Mosin-Nagant M1891/30
    mp44 MP 44 Assault Rifle
    mp40 MP-40 Submachine gun
    panzerfaust Panzerfaust 60
    pps PPS-1943 Submachine gun
    spagin PPSh-41G Spagin
    backpackrus Russian Backpack
    springfield Springfield
    springfieldopt Springfield w/scope
    stengun Sten Gun Mk. 2
    stengunsil Sten Gun Mk. 2 w/Silencer
    grenadeger Stielhangranate 39
    taisho Taisho 14
    tokarev Tokarev TT-33
    grenade36 Type 36 MK1 Grenade
    grenade69 Type 69 MK1 Grenade
    grenadejap Type 97 Grenade
    zb26 ZB26 Light Machine Gun

    Contributed by: TheBostonBruiser 

  8. Codes

    Press ~ to open the console, type one of the following cheats then enter.

    Effect Effect
    heal 1 Heal All Living Team Members
    happyammo 1 Infinite Ammo
    sniper 1 Raises Your Team's Shooting Skills to 100% and No Weapon Recoil
    happyammo 0 Turn Off Infinite Ammo
    sniper 0 Turn Off Raises Your Team's Shooting Skills to 100% and No Weapon Recoil
    hydroshock 0 Turn Off Your Team's Shots Kill Instantly
    hydroshock 1 Your Team's Shots Kill Instantly

    Contributed by: IONO 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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