Hexyz Force Cheats For PSP

  1. Titles

    You gain titles for accomplishing various deeds in the game. Speak with The Lycan at the argent statue to unlock them.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Have the main character reach level 25 Able Combatant
    Harvest over 200 times Component Hunter
    Purify all force sites Creation Crusader
    Save over 10000 FP Force Collector
    Kill over 10 Force Eaters Force Eater Beater
    Save 99999 FP Force Fanatic
    Have the main character reach level 50 Furious Fighter
    Play 100 hours Hyper Ultra Thanks!
    Proof that you have faced yourself and won. In Your Face, Me!
    Proof you've beaten the game Inheritor of the Force
    Harvest over 50 times Keen-eyed Adventurer
    Defeat 1000 enemies Legendary Hero
    Craft over 300 Forcefacts Master Force Scholar
    Activate 50 Burst Attacks Raging Demon
    Max out one aspect of a ragnafact (best done early while the caps are lower) Ragnafact Blacksmith
    Defeat 100 enemies. This unlockes the celestis mine and the ragnafact Devasti. Reknown Hero
    Obtain all weapons Sword Greedy
    Execute over 50 Overkills Technique Master
    Play over 15 hours Traveler of Berge
    Open over 100 chests Treasure Hunter
    Deal over 200000 damage to enemies True Warrior
    Main character reaches level 99 Ultimate Champion
    Craft over 100 Forcefacts Veteran Force Scholar
    Have Force Eaters drain over 5000 FP Victim of a Harsh World
    Run away from 100 battles White Flag

    Contributed by: Azn Playah, carlospenajr, tpt2789, DarkRPGMaster, Melefica, UltimaShaman, maxblade56 

  2. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get the Scanning Specs from Dragon's Abyss Arena Enemy Gallery
    finish the game a second time using the clear data file hard mode
    Get the Memory Crystal from Dragon's Abyss Arena. Movie Gallery
    finish the game sound test, gallery and clear data

    Contributed by: chaosbreaker7, ADK 

  3. Item Gallery

    Main character of the story must reach level 50 (if you choose Levant's side, then he must be level 50, otherwise if you choose Cecilia's side, she must be level 50 ), then talk to Bigabu Beaze to get that item and a title of "Furious Fighter".

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get the Encyclopedia from Bigabu Beaze at Glutchfort Item Gallery

    Contributed by: chaosbreaker7 

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