Blizzard envelops, polishes and perfects another genre

User Rating: 10 | Heroes of the Storm (Starter Pack) PC

Originally started out as a subgenre that Blizzard's very own Warcraft 3 allowed to come to pass, MOBA-style gaming took the world by storm (yeah, I know) as players began to realize the potential, and addictiveness of this type. From DOTA Heroes, to the tremendously popular League of Legends created by Riot Games, battle arenas have grown to one of the most popular ways of duking it out against enemies since sliced bread, or the inception of gaming itself.

Looking closely at HOTS, we see that Blizzard has once again perfected what other games have worked on; we can talk about Overwatch later on, but I feel this may be the same case looking at the game in its development. How sweet it is to play a game that has very few bugs (besides the matchmaking system, which many players are upset with) and runs beautifully. When you play Heroes, you know instantly this is a Blizzard game. The quality is a refreshing take on gaming, which recently has been riddles with failures (aka Titanfall and Battlefield). I'm going to try to keep this review short, so here are some bullet points of successes with this game:

-Hero variety is already diverse, you can find a hero that fits your play style

-Music, loading screens, website, and customer service are all on par with subscription games (this one is FTP)

-Lore is there, if you've played previous Blizzard games

-Maps are functional and diverse, Blizzard promises many more in the future, and will be rotating maps, as well as deleting some as more come out (so get your Haunted Mines and Blackheart's Bay playing in before you miss it!)

-Animations, skills, talents, mechanics of battle, spells and effects are all perfect

At this point, I would love to see what HOTS has to offer in the coming years, as for you, definitely try this one out. You wont be disappointed.