Not a "real" MOBA

User Rating: 8 | Heroes of the Storm (Starter Pack) PC

When I say its not a REAL moba its because it dosn't follow the general rule of creep killing and buying items

instead they replaced all that with a simple level system.
In theory that would be a great idea, but as it stands at release there are really only 1-2 optimal builds you can use pr,hero. It still has a long way to go with balance and adding more viable heroes.

the game cuts away all the "bullshit" called lasthitting and camp stacking ETC. And gives you the raw team fighting that is what really make a MOBA game good.

I'm not sure I can see myself playing this for 3+ years as I did with DOTA, but as im getting older I need something abit lighter and shorter that I can enjoy and not take to serious.

The game still has a very high skillcap, but Its much better for new players.

This game will never replace DOTA or LOL. in short - its not trying to.