Of all the flight sim games ive played this is one of the best

User Rating: 9.6 | Heroes of the Pacific PS2
This game is a flight sim that takes place during the U.S.As entrance into WWII... You play as Lieutenant Crowe, leader of a fighter squadron based at Hawaii, which begins with Pearl Harbor.. Then wake, and so on with the pacific theatre, mainly what you are doing is to give the enemy what they deserved, because they killed his friend who was on the Arizona at Pearl Harbor. Any ways for the goodies and baddies

+ Over 35 planes that you can fly!! This includes the Hellcat, Bearcat, P38, and so on
+ There is two player splitscreen
+ You dogfight with over a 130 planes!!!!
+ You an upgrade your plane and choose from a veriety of weapons
+ An Interesting Story line
+ Quite Realistic sound of the weapons
+ The graphics are great
+ You could play this for hours!!
+ A long and challenging campaign

+/- Multiplayer is great to some and dull to others

- Controls are a bit touchy