This games pretty good as far as World War 2 sims for the PS2 go.

User Rating: 8.2 | Heroes of the Pacific PS2
As far as WW2 flight combat sims for the PS2 go this game is definitely near the top of the charts, it uses a control style (professional) alot like the Ace Combat series. The planes are very beautifully detailed and even for the most part objects on the ground and on the sea look pretty good as well. You get to play through actual battles in the Pacific (Midway, Phillippines etc.) and as you do you unlock new planes to use and it also gives the option to upgrade your plane as well. With many differing missions and objectives you have to make full use of all of the planes given to you and you can't just sit around with one all the time. Besides that this game is ok and I would recommend playing Ace Combat 4 or 5 instead but if you want to get this, thats fine too.