Anyone able to help me, please?

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Im stuck on chapter 5 in the Archmages Crucible, on the quest key of time. I have already unlocked 3 doors, but cannot work out how to open the 4th, I have looked up for walkthroughs and sadly cannot find any. The door im stuck on says this, Burn the cloak, Black as night: Slaughter a grinning sprite: Sever a hand with ghostly claws: Break the beak from an ulgy maw. I have worked out the first two on this puzzle, but cannot work out the third one, if anyone knows how this is done would be much apprieciated
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I too was stuck here a few days ago. Now i am stuck further on but let me help you first! Ok first "monster" to go for is the wizard guy : coat black as night. Next is the "grinning sprite": The little Blaze demons. next go back and get another of the wizards: "hands with ghostly claws". last, and this took me just trying every one of them, but the one that is next to the wizard guy. And wham the weird red bird shows up and you can get the crystal. Hope that helps! Have fun!
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Thanks so much im going to try it