This game would have to one of my all time greats, you just want to play it again and again.

User Rating: 8.5 | Heroes of Might and Magic IV PC
Ah Heroes running across the lands to save something, running across the lands fighting of monsters, collecting gold and magical treasures far beyond there dreams That the sort of thing in fantasy worlds and this game is perfect for that!

Although this is an old game this is an all time favourite in my collection of strategy games. No matter about the wonky outdated graphics its the trance it puts you in. To think graphics have come so far.
I'm not all that keen on real time strategy games, I like to sit back and think about the next move, is my army tough enough to take down the enemy, can I get there in time to save what little troops I left back at town, have I got enough resources to build that or buy that.
I think it would of been even better and almost reached the high nine mark if it had a option to use in game heroes or create one of your own characters based on the skills available in the game, also a war history recording your wins and losses, kills and battles fought etc. But all of that is minor and doesn't take away the fact that it an awesome game.
No matter its tiny faults its an awesome game, if you like your strategy games buy it play it love it.