What a misuse of a great title.

User Rating: 5.5 | Heroes of Might and Magic IV PC
I LOVED heroes III. I play it frequently to this day. I can't believe what they did! They merged like three castles into two! They completely screwed up the combat system. NO UPGRADES FOR UNITS!! You have to choose between the units you can build. Only like four creatures per castle. Units can go out by themselves. There is EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THIS!! They upped the skill levels to 5? What were they THINKING!! I prefer Heroes III graphics ten times over these. They weren't cartoony, they were beautiful and really improved their surroundings. The thing about IV is that It has an intense LACK of detail that III was amazingly great for. Even Heroes V was not as good as III. It went back to the traditional style of III but was almost exactly the same... only less. The graphics were sweet but gameplay wise nothing beats Heroes III. They just screwed with the system so bad. Heroes II built off of original and made it better and fuller, Heroes III built off II and captured everything great. Heroes IV said "Y'know what screw that!" Thats my two cents.