Hero IV, with all its qualities, is an encouraging example of drastical innovation in a sequel.

User Rating: 9 | Heroes of Might and Magic IV PC
I must admit that I used to be addicted to Hero III and when this version came out, I really had my doubt. But to blame it for not totally resembling its epic predecessor is both unfair and idiotic. Though I missed Hero III for a while, I still felt encouraged by this one's biggest achievement, that is the Hero Character himself. Among many other changes made to game play, this is the reason why it's horribly critised by some loyal Hero fans. Now that the Hero can travel ALONE without any troops at all and can even be grouped with other Heroes to form a fighting team up to 7 of them, the game obviously makes a strong impression of renewal. If your hero is high level and well-equipped, he or she can take the whole army on their own. In fact, I believe this is the main idea in this release since there are many quests in both campaigns and scenarios that require your hero to act alone or cooperate with other heroes without their whole armies. Well, does it really spoil the pure strategic quality of HoMM series? It's up to you to decide but for me, a Hero is not always necessarily a military leader. Besides, every hero now can gain a new rank in their primary skill: Grand Master and can gain up to 5 specialization of either Might or Magic or Mixture between two. With a lot of new skills adding to the possibility, you can create your own distinctive character in each scenario. You may also find some of built-in character in the campaigns memorable, like Emilia Night Heaven or the Dark Priest who masters both life and death magic. Other factors of the game, especially music, is very impressive and helps creating such a other worldly realm. And though you may want to point out several minor drawback, HoMM IV is still a wonderful sequel to an already epic turn based strategy.