It's like eating a Lightly-salted flavor Pringles straight after the original one.

User Rating: 7 | Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War PC
I can't remember much about Winds of War, well, probably it isn't worth remembering both in terms of its campaign layout or its new features. Winds of War had a pretty ordinary campaign but it's still engaging enough for hardcore fans to enjoy. However, there are some steep challenges that maybe only hardcore fans will be bothered to attempt, such as escaping an unbalanced situation and starting your castle from scratch whereas your enemies' were already highly developed.

Of the new creatures, the MegaDragon is something to behold and rather fun to use albeit a little taxing on your already tight resources. The Catapult and Frenzied Gnasher are just fillers I felt. Why is there only three? If there's one for each faction, and the campaign is built around the new creatures, then this expansion may be something to root for. Ultimately, I play it just because I feel the need to as a fan of the series, and it's still fun enough, but The Gathering Storm is better.