Heroes games just keep getting better and better, don't they?

User Rating: 9.8 | Heroes of Might and Magic IV PC
Heroes of Might and Magic 4 is a new step in the Heroes games. NWC opted to allow heroes fight in battles this time around, and mixed their unique castles into larger castle types with multiple choices for what you build, that dissalow the construction of other buildings. Most of the core gameplay remains the same, as the game is still turn based, and you still fight with stacks of creatures in combat. Many cosmetic changes have taken place in this new edition of Heroes, as the map is now three dimensionally rendered and the battle sequences now take place on a 3d battlefield with real depth to it. New castles, creatures, heroes, and items make their way into the forray of common Heroes fare, and as usual it all mixes in very well. The new campagins are also extrmemely well done, and you can loose lots of time simply asking for "just one more turn" while playing them. Core gameplay still stays the same, and is your typical turn based strategy game with mystical setting. You control heroes and their armies, and have them take over mines, pick up items and gold, recruit creatures, and capture towns and castles. You then build up those castles and towns and use them to train more fantasy creatures to fight for your heroes in your armies. Then you take over the world with your powerful armies. When you fight others, the game switches into a battle screen wherein you take turns moving your armies to fight eachother, and when the battle is over your hero gains experience. When your heroes gain experience, they gain levels and skills, which allow them to cast stronger spells, become stronger fighters, earn more money for your kingdom, explore more of the map, etc. etc. As in all heroes games, the music and graphics really help get you into the fantasy feel of the game, and generally speaking, its not a game you can just stop playing. Your always left wanting to take just one more turn. I'd go into more detail, but i could go on for days, so im cutting this review short. As 3D0 has now gone the way of the dinosaur, and NWC with them, its going to be hard to find any Heroes game for quite some time. SSI who bought them when they went under has hinted towards releasing a compilation of the Heroes games and making a sequel, but we'll have to wait and see if they come through on that. If you can find it, its worth the bean to pick it up. This game does not dissapoint.